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1994 jeep cherokee it becomes are to turn

User asking question david
Amount paid $12.00
Jeep Year and Model 1994 , Jeep Grand Cherokee
Date asked 2/16/2010 Date answered 2/16/2010
I noticed that when I engage the 4x4 system on my 1994 Jeep Cherokee it becomes hard to turn either left or right on 4L or 4H.
Hi Rick, when you say hard to turn, is it actually hard to turn the steering wheel or is it more then the tires seem to skip and hop while your making the turn?
remember in 4L you can not exceed more the 5 miles per hour.

If any one of your tires is a 1/4 of an inch or greater in size difference from the rest it will cause the transfer case to bind due to the different axles trying to turn at different speeds.

Rick, here is a little more info i should have included in my first post......

Your Jeep truck most probably has part time 4wd. You should not engage the 4wd (either hi or low range) on dry pavement. You could damage it.

What you are describing is what is known as driveline bind. It occurs because your front and rear driveshafts are locked together when the 4wd mode is engaged and you try to make a turn. The driveline begins to bind because your front wheels and tires are rotating at different speeds but the drive shafts cannot. That is the grabbing and bucking you feel in the front end when turning. Going straight keeps the wheels turning all at the same speed so there is no binding then. When off road, the tires will slip slightly during a 4wd turn and the bind gets relieved.

Please remember to accept my answer as agreed upon when you registered.  As i am a laid off Technician due to Chrysler's great plans of closing so many dealerships.  As this then is my only source of income.  If you require more information please just ask.
Thank you for your honesty.
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