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2004 jeep grand cherokee accelerating transmission slip

User asking question dmills
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Jeep Year and Model 2004 , Jeep Grand Cherokee WK Laredo
Date asked 9/3/2010 Date answered 9/3/2010
When accelerating from a standing stop or moving slowly (under 20) the transmission seems to slip in and out. This problem occurs frequently (but not every time) and was first notice after parking in a municipal parking garage when the parking brake was set and then not released promptly on exit until after traveling several 100 yards. The transmission was barely moving the vehicle and speed not responding normally to the accelerator. The vehicle gradually got up to speed on the interstate and since has been demonstrating the behavior noted in the first sentence above. Two local techs have not been able to located the malfunction after checking the throttle position sensor and testing the transmission and I assume whatever else they could think of. CAN YOU HELP? Thank you for considering.DAN MILLS

Tech Response:

Hi, just so you know all communications needs to be done via this site.
The first thing that comes to mind is the governor solenoid and pressure transducer.
But before I commit to that could you tell me the year model and engine you have?


The vehicle is a 2004 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x2 with 4.0liter Power Tech I-6 engine.  Transmission is 4-speed automatic, the vehicle is equipped w/ Anti-lock 4-wheel disc brakes.  Thank you.

Tech Response:

Ok, if you are sure the brakes.are releasing fine and the grant is still hunting for.what gear it wants at slower.speeds then it is most likely the govenor solenoid and pressure transducer. The only way qqqqto know for sure is with a scanner that can read real time data from the grant module. The sensors.should be following vehicle.speed. when they fail they pop all over the place so the grant module.doesn't know.what gear it shoould be in. You will either need to take.a.gamble.and.just replace them or find a shop with the right.scanner and see what they are showing in comarison to actual vehicle speed. Dave

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Tech responded: 9/3/2010 1:55:34 PM

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